April 4, 2017

RAR Brewing Chandelier Light Fixture in Cambridge, MD

A RAR Brewing chandelier light fixture from Seneca Studio was recently installed as part of the iconic brewery’s taproom makeover featuring various artists.  The Cambridge, MD brewery is known for its incredible IPA style beers and artistic style.  Stop by for a great beer and look up at the ceiling!

Prior to the taproom remodeling, a restroom and brewery entrance hallway was always dimply lit and dark.  RAR commissioned a graffiti artist to brighten up the hallway with some original art.  To complete the hallway, they chose the Seneca Studio brown patina steel and mahogany lightbox chandelier. The hanging light fixture added warm, directional lighting and accented the hallway with an all original chandelier.

I am honored to have been a part of the RAR Brewing taproom makeover.  Thank you Randy, Chris, JT, BJ, and the rest of the awesome staff!

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