Made to Order & Customizable

Original Seneca Studio industrial steel metal wall art sculpture sconce featuring patina treated 3D forged steel and an innovative LED bezel frame design. The 4 ft. x 6 ft. welded steel bezel frame surrounds a solid steel sheet with hand forged design elements colored naturally with various patina treatments.  Accurate representations of Orion and the Big Dipper cast a night sky glow above a three dimensional abstract mountain island. The sky and Earth scene comes to life with the push of a button on a bluetooth controlled smartphone or tablet app. When turned on, the frame embedded RGB LED strip fills every detail with a high contrasting glow. Millions of user controlled colors will make this large format metal art sconce light a unique and one of a kind addition to any room or hallway!

• the 2″ deep, solid steel frame has a black patina satin finish
• all steel surfaces are sealed with a clear coat metal lacquer to preserve the patinas
• timer options in the LED controller app allow auto on/off programming of the scone light

SIZE 6 ft. tall / 4 ft. wide / 2″ deep

WEIGHT Approx. 240 lbs.

LIGHT RGB LED strip with bluetooth controller and smartphone/tablet app

POWER  AC/DC adapter power supply (included) plugs into standard 110-120VAC socket

APP  Available as free download for smart phones and tablets & provides multiple color functions, music responsive mode, timer, etc.

Industrial Steel Metal Wall Art Sculpture Sconce