• February 15, 2019

    Black Steel & Walnut Wood Lighted Wine Rack Cabinet


    Made to Order & Customizable

    Seneca Studio black steel and walnut wood lighted wine rack cabinet featuring a live edge walnut slab, integrated dimmable lighting, and a modern design. This custom wine cabinet expansion began with the existing cabinet top being replaced by a solid 2.5 in. thick wood slab of a sustainably harvested black walnut tree from Western Maryland.  The unique black walnut slab with a hand rubbed oil finish provides a large bar top surface with stunning wood grain patterns and a natural live edge.

    A stacked v-formation floating shelf design allows up to 100 wine bottles to be efficiently stored under the wood slab bar top on each side of the center cabinet.  The pair of slab supporting wine rack shelving units are built out of solid black walnut wood and a welded steel frame with black patina finish. A series of recessed high-efficiency LED strips inside the wine rack units cast a dimmable warm glow of light onto the wine bottles when needed.

    To add a unique addition to the wood slab bar top, an overhead light fixture with additional wine storage was designed and created.  This one of a kind fixture features large antique style incandescent bulbs that give off a warm glow of light over the wine bottles and wood slab bar top.  The black patina steel fixture also serves as a dimmer switch by means of two black walnut wood knobs that turn on/off and control the level of light output of the bulbs and LED lights below.  The solid black walnut wood light fixture also provides an additional 25 bottles of storage and display options with thru-hole and stacked storage design features.

    • 7′ x 2.5′ black walnut wood live edge slab and solid 3/4″ black walnut wood construction
    • all wood components finished and polished with 8 coats of hand rubbed oil
    • TIG welded solid steel construction with black patina finish and three coats of metal lacquer

    • all electrical components are UL listed/approved

    SIZE Approx. 78″ tall / 96″ wide / 30″ deep 

    WEIGHT Approx.  300 lbs.

    BULBS 4 x 60W antique style incandescent / 2700 K (warm)

    LED STRIPS  12 ft. architectural grade  single color LEDs / 2700 K (warm)

    CORD  Braided walnut brown cotton American made lamp cord

    Black Steel and Walnut Wood Lighted Wine Rack Cabinet
  • June 22, 2017

    Rustic Industrial Wood Slab Wall Lamp


    Made to Order & Customizable

    Seneca Studio rustic industrial wood slab wall lamp sconce featuring forged steel with rust patina finish, integrated dimmer switch and antique style bulbs. A solid slab of sustainably harvested spalted wood adds a natural contrast to the rich patina finish of the hand forged steel lamp. Exposed bulbs project light outward in three directions to fill a room with a warm glow of light. The integrated dimmer switch allows the lamp to provide both bright and ambient levels of light at the turn of a knob. 

    • features TIG welded steel with natural rust patina and two coats metal lacquer
    • 8 ft. of American made braided cotton lamp cord exits the lamp & connects to a polarized plug
    • heavy duty drywall anchors with black patina finish mounting bolts are included
    • 3 traditional Edison style antique bulbs are included
    • electrical components are UL listed/approved

    SIZE Approx. 29″ tall / 16″ wide / 11″ deep 

    WEIGHT Approx.  11 lbs.

    BULBS 3 x 60W squirrel filament antique style incandescent

    OUTPUT  3 x 240 lumens / 2200 K (warm)

    CORD  Braided light brown cotton American made lamp cord

    Rustic Industrial Wood Slab Wall Lamp