Made to Order & Customizable

Original Seneca Studio handcrafted rustic oak slab chandelier featuring single chain attached to solid 4″ thick round slab of spalted oak wood treated with natural tung oil. Eight porcelain lamp sockets sit atop the oak base with traditional incandescent antique style bulbs providing direct and ceiling reflected soft light evenly around the chandelier perimeter. The simple design draws attention to the natural warmth of the oak grain and adds an organic element to any room.

• features a repurposed old growth oak tree slab of wood between 15-20″ in diameter with natural grain features and bark removed
• wood base is sanded flat & edges rounded off then all surfaces are treated with Tung or Danish oil without any stain applied
• 8 traditional Edison style antique bulbs are included
• all electrical components are UL listed/approved and a polarized plug is utilized for increased safety

SIZE Approx.  4″ thick / 20″ diameter / 38″ tall (with chain)

WEIGHT Approx.  46 lbs.

BULBS 8 x 40W antique style incandescent

OUTPUT  8 x 140 lumens / 2200 K (warm)

CORD  Hardwired white vinyl cord

Oak Slab Chandelier